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Why Choose Us

Without compromising integrity, we provide a very personal service to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have a long term business horizon, and we believe in sure and steady growth by building good relationships based on trust and recommendation.



We are delighted that our Graduate trainee Richard Bourke, BSc has commenced his Association of Chartered Certified Accountants course at Gower College. Richard is a graduate of Aberystwyth Unviversity, and we wish him well.

Further, we have engaged a school leaver, Miss Tasha Jenkins from Sandfields Comprehensive school, as a junior trainee. Tasha has commenced a 3 year day release course at Neath Port Talbot College.  She will study for The Association of Accountancy Technicians on a 3 year course.

We also wish her well

Lewis Ladd & Co. - Business Philosophy & Ethics.

The principle purpose of our accountancy practice is to serve the interests of its clients, taking into account broader issues to do with the local community. The primary aim is to create a satisfied client, and to look after business enterprises, which represent an increasingly important part of people's lives. Our ultimate goal is to provide nothing less than the highest quality of service, and it is a value in which we strongly believe; and one which we choose to differentiate our service from that of others.

Lewis Ladd & Co. - Our Place in the Local Community

Lewis Ladd & Co. strongly support local businesses and community. We provide financial services for a host of charities in Port Talbot including:

  • Neath Port Talbot Mind Association
  • Friends of the Hospital
  • Port Talbot Child Contact Centre

We are happy to talk to any local community group who may require our help.

We also support The Port Talbot Chamber of Trade, and many other local organisations that require patronage from time to time.

We take great pride in promoting our clients within the community, via referral to other clients who may require such services, therefore promoting a local network.