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Lewis Ladd & Co. - Personal Tax & Planning.

Our very highly rated Tax Department specialises in helping our business and corporate clients take full control of their personal tax affairs. Whether directors, sole traders or investors, we help them with their individual resposibilities with the tax authorities avoiding any unwelcome ALARMS or SUPRISES. With the tax regime becoming even more complex, and with more emphasis being put on the taxpayers' individual responsibilities, everyone who is subject to taxation needs professional advice if they are to optimise their tax position, and to ensure that they meet all the control and compliance requirements.

Lewis Ladd & Co. are tax specialists and can provide you with advice on:

The Tax Authorities are becoming more agressive in the current economic climate about how they deal with control and compliance investigations. Under close scrutiny are trades, professions, and Limited Companies who continue to be targeted specifically by the Inland Revenue & Customs. The cost of dealing with an enquiry is often high and can easily be more than the cost of preparing the accounts and tax returns that are under investigation.

Lewis Ladd & Co. are specialists in this area and are proud to say that we have stopped many of these investigations in their tracks before HM Revenue & Customs have escalated them.
Over the past 36 years, we have built up a very good relationship with the Taxman and we have had only one major investigation in the past 4 years - a ratio well below the UK average.