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An IVA is an agreement between you and your creditors which is legally binding. The terms of your IVA may be that some of your future earnings will be used to pay your historic debt or you may require equity release or the sale of an asset to inject the funds into the IVA.

Unlike unregulated debt advisors, Hawkins and Company are licensed to protect you from your creditors taking action against you.

Samantha Hawkins and her team will sit down with you and go through the process in a clear and precise manner to allow you to get on with your life. This is a free confidential, initial consultation and all your personal circumstances will be taken into account.

Please call Malcolm on 01639 881130 to set up a meeting in the comfort of your own home at a time which suits you.

Debt Advice

When struggling with personal debt sometimes a formal insolvency procedure, like bankruptcy or an IVA, is not an appropriate course of action for you. Depending upon your circumstances Hawkins and Company may be able to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf. This is known as a Creditors Agreement and is not legally binding, which may be ideal if you need flexibility.

Like the IVA process we will sit down with you and go through all your debts and come to an agreement with your creditors. This means your interest may be frozen and you make a nominal payment for a certain duration while you get your finances back on track. Please calll Malcolm on 01639 881130 to discuss your circumstances and if appropriate a member of the team will come and see you.

Cancelling my bankruptcy

Yes it can be cancelled and in the right hands it is stress free, quick and painless. In the right circumstances it may be appropriate to cancel your bankruptcy, either via an annulment or through an IVA. This procedure is available even if you have presented your own petition.

Samantha is an expert in dealing with this kind of situation and has assisted many individuals in cancelling their bankruptcy. Samantha knows how to pitch the information to the creditors to obtain the best outcome for all stakeholders. This is a technical procedure and we are qualified to assist you with this. Please call Malcolm on 01639 881130 to see if you can cancel your bankruptcy.


Insolvent Liquidation When a company is insolvent liquidating the company may be the correct option. The team at Hawkins and Company have dealt with hundreds of liquidations over the years and are available to advise all stakeholders on this process. In a nutshell it is initiated by the directors who convene a meeting of members/shareholders to resolve to wind the company up.

There are a number of trigger events linked to a company’s insolvency and we can assist in identifying these. Liquidation does not necessarily mean the end of the business, which is different to the company, which may be carried forward in a new entity, in accordance with the Insolvency Act 1986 and the Insolvency Rules 1986.

At the end of the process the company is struck off the Register at Companies House. Lewis Ladd will take care of the affairs of the company while it is wound up please call Hawkins and Co.

Solvent Liquidation often when a company has reached the end of its useful life or members wish to release capital the company may be wound up voluntarily. We offer a fixed fee solvent liquidation process and will work with you and your professional advisors to release the cash back to you.


Is a legal process which while in force protects the company while a solution is found. It is not just used for large firms like Woolworths and Comet but is a useful process for SMEs who are struggling with cash flow.

The process is initiated in a number of ways and is used to trade out of a difficult period or while a buyer is found for the company or business. Hawkins and Company will sit down with the directors to work out if this is the correct solution for the company and will work with all stakeholders to ensure all their interests are protected.

The process is relatively straightforward and will protect your company from pressing creditors, including HMRC. If you are feeling pressure from your creditors and wish to speak to us please call Malcolm on 01639 881130 about this process.

Business Rescue

If your company is experiencing cash flow issues or carrying a highly leveraged debt to equity ratio, your business may benefit from a properly scaled restructure.

If you have a viable core business an effective rescue of the company may be achieved via the administration process or liquidation with an asset sale back to the directors in accordance with Statements of Insolvency Practice 13 and 16 and if this produces the best outcome for creditors. This should only be undertaken after careful consideration and must be dealt with by a licensed insolvency practitioner.

As the recession continues your business may have expanded too quickly. This may result in increased exposure to the creditors who may take an uber cautious approach and even initiate an insolvency procedure against your business.

The first step is for owner managers or directors to have an open and frank discussion with Hawkins and Company and consider all the options, Please call Malcolm on 01639 881130.

Options for creditors

If you are a creditor and you are experiencing difficulties in being paid, please email or call us and we will assist you in recovering the debt.